Tailored Material Development

Our chemists and material specialists develop and manufacture high performance ceramics and composites for your specific applications, focusing on our own material formulations. All formulations are based on chemically derived and well defined powders and dispersing additives. Special cleaning and conditioning processes for optimizing the powders are state of the art within our company. Our deep know-how in colloidal chemistry allows us to combine different raw materials in order to tailor the required properties; reproducible and with constant quality.

This development circle is continuous until the required material properties are achieved. Upon completion of the initial laboratory phase, the core processing technology is adapted the utilyze existing manufacturing equipment.

Body preparation

In the laboratory phase, processing parameters are defined. Documentation of the processing parameters and traceability are guaranteed using the existing quality system. This allows the traceability back to the raw material batches used.

Special know-how:

  • High performance ceramic materials with excellent fracture toughness
  • Electrically conductive high performance ceramics
  • Ceramic color can be manipulated according to customer requirements