Ceramic injection moulding

This processing technology is the most cost-effective procedure to manufacture geometrically complex ceramic parts. Ceramic Injection moulding is especially well suited for filigree micronized parts, which are used in thermal and tribological applications. OxiMaTec excels in making such parts on the basis of our unique material material knowledge with a sub-micron grain structure. Due to our excellent know-how in plasticising ceramic powders, we are also able to injection mould ceramic parts up to a shot-weight of 350 g with a wall thickness of 6 – 8 mm.

Our production strategy

In the development of materials, for binder needs, OxiMaTec uses defined organic raw materials and additives. OxiMaTec binder formulation know how provides high injection speed followed by a complete de-binding of our sub-micron powder. Our process know how covers the whole processing chain: feedstock preparation, injection moulding, de-binding and sintering.

Special know-how:

  • Highly precise ceramic parts (deviation max. 30 µm), although we have a very high shrinkage rate (up to 50 Vol-%)
  • Defined influence on the powder surface properties
  • Special kneading process followed by a mechanical homogenisation in a shear-wheel kneader
  • Defined control of viscosity
  • Elimination of any sticking issues
  • De-binding, even for nano-scaled powders in a two-step de-binding process