Rods for drilling and milling tools

Machining of glass-fibre reinforced plastics, carbon-fibre reinforced carbon, fibre reinforced Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK), graphite, copper, … is difficult with existing standard milling tools because the dry-machining processing required. OxiMaTec has developed a new ceramic material, which is capable of withstanding the extremely high machining temperatures of these materials and has excellent wear resistance against the very hard fibres within these innovative light-weight materials. OxiMaTec’s ceramic innovation, even at very high temperatures has the required strength and hardness for high speed milling and excellent tool life.

OxiMaTec has tools for

  • Trimming of carbon fibre and glass fibre reinforced plastics
  • Machining of graphite
  • Machining of electrode-copper
  • Machining of titanium and titanium alloys

Available rods

Standard dimensions

  • Diameter 12 millimeter, length 83+2 millimeter
  • Diameter 10 millimeter, length 72+2 millimeter
  • Diameter 8 millimeter, length 63+2 millimeter
  • Diameter 6 millimeter, length 57+2 millimeter
  • Cutting inserts

Specific dimensions

  • without a cooling hole
  • with a cooling hole

Special know-how:

Pending patent application approval for an improved material formulation with praseodymium oxide for grain-boundary strengthening