OxiMaTec GmbH

Our company was founded in 2005 to develop and manufacture tailored ceramic materials. As a worldwide unique company we offer colored and electrically conductive ceramics. Our unique know-how of colloidal chemistry, many years of experience in material and process development combined with state of the art equipment, enables Oximatec to explore very complex material systems. Oximatec has experience with up to nine different individual formulation components.
After the development phase we support you by providing recommendations for optimized production strategies to ensure the success of your commercialization of highly precise ceramic parts. Oximatec’s analytical laboratory is well equipped to provide the data support for all phases of development work, as well as final product quality assurance. Oximatec furthermore, is well equiped to assist you with root cause failure analysis, includingfor metals and plastics.

Mechanical workshop

In addition to our main tasks we also have a small mechanical workshop. This allows us to speed-up prototyping involving milling and turning operations.

OxiMaTec ...

  • ... manufactures customer and product specific solutions
  • ... combines material and processing know-how
  • ... is well equipped for body preparation, forming, machining and sintering