Laboratory services

OxiMaTec has an excellent analytical laboratory with all machines required for quality control, failure analysis and development work. Based on our analytical know-how, we offer our customers analytical services to accurately characterize final properties and as well for critical interpretation of the results.

Our services are

  • Microstructural analyses
  • Geometrical design
  • Surface quality
  • Material data
  • Rheological investigations
  • X-ray diffraction analysis


  • Ceramics
  • Plastics
  • Metals

used for

  • Documentation of R&D-results
  • Quality assurance of production processes
  • Investigation of prototypes and series parts (internal /external)
  • Investigation of failed parts (internal und external)
  • Reverse engineering

Special know-how:

  • In-house based material analysis
  • Seasoned specialists with working knowledge in many different material compositions; (ceramics, polymers, metals) are well suited for results interpretation